About us

BVJSS is serving orphans child, handicapped child as well as blind and deaf child since 1987.
350 students are living in hermitage.




The school of mentally challenged child is located on holy land Pabal, near “Bhagwan shri Padmini Jain” Temple.
The school has facilities like free hostel, mess as well as free education for orphans, handicapped, deef and blind children. Our volunteers are working in nearest villages to spread the importance of vegetarianism as well as effects of addictions.




Number of students increases every year and we help children’s to build good habits in there mind.
That’s why many generous people help the organization.

Our Mission:

To make a difference in the life of a orphans, single parents child, poor child, needy child and divyang child.

Our Objectives:

  • To help a child without family.
  • Give education to one’s who really needed.
  • To empower children to become self-reliant.

Our Schools:

  • Shri Muk-Badhir Vidyalaya (Aashram), Wagholi
  • Residensial School for Divyang students, Pabal
  • Sai Aanand Muk Badhir Vidyalaya, Wadegawhan

Our Initiatives to empower children:

  • Goat compliance
  • Poultry farming
  • Duck compliance
  • Cow compliance
  • Mur ghas